Uniting the world one stranger at at time

Through interviews and the use of rare (and largely unseen) conversational film footage, photos and other archival material, The I TALK TO STRANGERS Film will depict the genuine lives of everyday people and their personal forms of expression through conversation and dialogue. Following a brief overview of the formation of the ITTS Foundation, dating back to 2012, the story of I TALK TO STRANGERS will be told through various testimonies people from diverse cultural backgrounds who live their daily lives connecting with strangers from various backgrounds. Using interviews and footage to be filmed across the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, West Africa, and Southeast Asia the film will document the everyday lives of public figures, citizens, leaders, celebrities, artists, educators, and students of different social, economical, and cultural backgrounds.

Worlds first documentary film about strangers funded by strangers.

The I TALK TO STRANGERS Film will be a 90-minute documentary (currently in post-production) about human connectivity, the power of conversation, and international community building efforts led by the ITTS Foundation. These powerful conversations, filmed over a nine year timespan will capture evolving attitudes and sentiments of the growing concerns of human expression and the impact of positive conversation among a community of strangers across multiple continents, generations, and cultural differences. While focused around the personal pursuits of Robbie Stokes, Jr., the film will capture various cultural and historical roots of migration and immigration among past and past and current community leaders in their attempts to build community through current economical and societal challenges. Due to Covid-19, social isolation and mental illness became an increasing threat among thousands of citizens across various nation states, which begin to attract the attention of national and local leaders as individuals searched out hope and inspiration for positive living and a renewed purpose of everyday living.


Robbie Stokes, Jr

Executive Producer
Originally born in a U.S. military hospital, Robbie has lived in 5 countries, and visited 30+ in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. With a passion for Intercultural Dialogue and Community Event Coordination, for 12+ years, Robbie has been implementing socially responsible projects growing action-based leaders across local communities worldwide.

Scott duPont p.g.a

Scott T. duPont, an American actor, film producer, host and author, has acted in over 3 dozen films and television shows, produced over a dozen films. duPont is best known for one of his first films The Bros. (2007), released by Lionsgate Films and a more recent documentary film What is the Electric Car (2010), released by Celebrity Home Entertainment. Most of the films duPont produces or is involved with have some sort of positive, educational, or inspirational message to them.

Jamie Flanagan

Jamie is the proud founder of Respectful Productions. He attended Fordham University abdstudied abroad in Dublin at Trinity College and The Gaiety School, the national theater school of Ireland. He also The Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute and now is focused on building the film community in Atlanta. He has produced over 60 webisodes and multiple short films, and is the director of the upcoming documentary Steel Soldier.


Derek Evans

Derek has had a diverse career of acting, directing, and editing. Since 2015 he has lead-edited 7 short films, over 50 combined web episodes, 2 twentyone minute TV pilots, and 1 feature film, The King of Bloody Fookin' Britain.

Madelyn Wall

Production coordinator
Madelyn is an Atlanta based artist and creator who primarily works in film. As a creator, she specializes in writing and producing films with an inspirational focus, leading future generations toward fulfillment. She would like to thank her family and friends for their unwavering support of her goals.

Eden Sacha Vineberg Hernández

Videographer & Photographer
Eden has a unique set of skills with cameras, he's someone that can find something interesting in something boring. He started his photographer path when he was 11 years old, currently, at 17 he loves photography with people, nature and urban styled pictures.

Cassandra Banks

Production Accountant

Timirra Wilson

Production Assistant

Starnetta Wariso

Production Manager