I TALK TO STRANGERS Foundation, Inc.



Foundation Mission

The mission of I TALK TO STRANGERS Foundation is organizing groups and individuals to facilitate community conversations that award better opportunities, experiences, and understandings towards people who are willing to learn more about the world and others around them.

Foundation Direction

As a social enterprise, I TALK TO STRANGERS® Foundation, Inc. aims to bridge people-to-people relations and foster comprehensive bi-lateral agreements that focus on the key areas of; youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, medical technology, environmental protection, education, and civic engagement.

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Community Development

Using the latest technology, I TALK TO STRANGERS® Foundation, Inc. focuses on the four key areas of community growth, development, and intercultural communication among diverse groups of people: Campus – Community – Corporate – Culture (4Cs).


Enhances community relations among organisations, communities and leaders, quality of the relationships


Improves social relationships and how better communication skills can be used to transition into professional


Improves corporate work relationships and helps drive business success with increased communication between employees


Serves as an intermediary in using communication to bridge stereotype gaps between global cultures.

Next Generation Investment

With the growing access to digital information, ITTS Foundation works with local governmental organizations and community organizations have partnered on the development of a technology, leadership, and anti-bullying after-school program geared towards the technical training and leadership development of tomorrow’s young leaders.

Community Garden Projects

Our community garden projects has actively rehabilitate land aesthetics and promoted crime reduction while providing visitors a renewed sense of community belonging. Our garden has aimed at promoting healthier communities  through civic participation, and stronger social connections with neighbors. 

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