Peace & Positivity

The ITTS Community Garden Project transforms vacant lots, backyards, and green space into enriched and vibrant community gardens and community space built to accommodate a sense of peace and community across social-economic boundaries. Youth volunteers are assigned at the garden to develop discipline and encourage a willingness to be a part of a community together with adult volunteers.

Peaceful Community Building


Community Events

Youth Education
Garden Training

Land Rehabilitation

Our community green space has actively promoted community health habits, rehabilitate land and aesthetics, promoted crime reduction, while providing visitors with a renewed sense of community belonging, participation, and stronger social connections with neighbors. Our garden has aimed at promoting healthier communities.

Fresh Food Accessibility

Within our gardens we have successfully grown carrots, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, collard greens, lemon balm, squash, and sweet potatoes. Our crops were offered free to our volunteers and the community during our initial harvest. Our volunteers have shared the joys and wonders of gardening while learning new things and safely socializing.

Fresh Cabbage

Organic cauliflower

Crisp Lettuce

Our dedicated community volunteers offer support and encouragement for the development of our community gardens. Each garden offer a unique identity with delicious and flavorful fruits and vegatables.

Peace & Positivity