ITTS Mission To Connect The World Through A Conversation

The mission of the I TALK TO STRANGERS Foundation, Inc will support the vision of the movement of creating peace worldwide by creating programs and partnerships with organizations that promote enriching dialogue and positive collaborations among strangers.

These conversations are geared to give individuals increased opportunities, experiences, and understandings about the world and people around them.

Meeting new people increase personal and professional opportunities, experiences, and lessons, learned. Talking to strangers encourages and challenges individuals to create genuine relationships and meet new friends.

ITTS Builds Unity


Youth Development

Since 2012, the ITTS Campus research team has developed agricultural projects, community events and after-school programs for youth to collaborate and communicate as education continues to shape our societal future.


Mental Wellness

ITTS Foundation, has promoted community wellness and personal development through practices based in psychosocial rehabilitation.  As an organization of health care professionals, educators, and community leaders we continually strive to support youth, adults, and families in improving the quality of their relationships through positive and productive dialogue. 



ITTS Partnerships among small business, corporate, and governmental organizations have helped push them mission of unification while adding strategic added ‘brand-value’ to a growing global partnership database of industry executives and local leaders aiming at bridging gaps of understanding through positive dialogue and community programs, projects, and events worldwide.



Together with our multi-national partners, the ITTS Cultural Relations team continue to collaborate with local and international governmental and corporate organization on increasing travel trends that promote a unifying effort of multiculturalism and intercultural development.

Follow the Movement
Bringing the world together one person, one conversation, one stranger at a time!

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

ITTS social learning plans focus on personal empowerment, social inclusion, and family support. Our communication training workshops offer a variety of activities, trainings, and courses designed to support individuals coping with a wide-range of mental and social disorders. The benefits of our programs aim to increase therapeutic communication, aid in conflict resolution, and enhance social skills. 

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